Seraphim Falls


A tip-off for the Cliché Police: you might want to check out Liam Neeson in Seraphim Falls’ Making Of. “The script was a real page-turner… It’s a childhood dream come true… One of the main characters is the landscape…” OK, so he makes a valid point with that last soundbite; though the majesty’s more hemmed-in on DVD, Falls is waist-deep in outdoor splendour, from the freezing forestland of the opener to the scorched salt-plains of a climax that echoes the final reckoning of silent stunner Greed (1924). No classic itself, writer/director David Von Ancken’s feature bow is sturdy dad cinema nonetheless, a cat-and-mouse oater that’s languid in places, robustly physical in others, with iron commitment from Neeson and Pierce Brosnan as pursuer and pursued in the wake of the Civil War. Bit of a let-down Neeson didn’t follow his fellow Irishman (and Von Ancken) into the commentary kiosk, though.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 26th 2007

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