Sergei Eisenstein Boxset Volume 1


One of cinema’s brainiac giants, theorist-cum-filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein was just 27 when he set Soviet film on fire, sending his seismic influence crashing through the growing medium. Gathering his first three movies, this boxset kicks off with Strike (1925), an experimental debut that grabbed at the public throat with clashing symbols, concussive ideas and blazing passion. Eisenstein’s story of striking workers versus fat-cat factory owners sets the blueprint for the “intellectual montage” technique that would hit overdrive in 1926’s Battleship Potemkin. Edited with exhilarating drive, Eisenstein’s most famous work brings on naval mutiny, mob revolt and the Odessa Steps massacre. Like Oktober (1928) – recreating the Bolshevik revolution – its agitprop posturing hasn’t aged brilliantly, while human emotion seems to have burned out in Strike. But the Russian’s dynamo set-pieces carry a propulsive power that could leave a dent in your skull.


Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 13th 2007

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