Shaun Of The Dead


Richard Curtis shot through the head by George A Romero is how co-writer/star Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright pitched their rom-zom-com. And it bloody well delivers. Fulfilling the filmic potential displayed in cult sitcom Spaced, the makers have created a hip, flip comedy that comes up trumps in both the head-splatting and side-splitting departments.

Pegg is perfect as the titular chump, drifting through life until girlfriend Kate Ashfield dumps him. This prompts best mate Ed (Nick Frost) to observe: ""It's not the end of the world"." Sorry, but it is - - at least if the zombies overrunning Crouch End are anything to go by... A knowledge of Living Dead lore helps while you're watching, but it's by no means essential. In fact, viewing Shaun with a non-horror fan reveals some of its shocks to be genuinely scary. But more than that it's funny, mostly because the characters feel true and are just as recognisably flawed, petty and sweet come the end of the world as on any night down the pub.

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