When the genii at Oscar HQ decided that Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance of a lifetime in Sherrybaby wasn’t worthy of a Best Actress nomination, half of Total Film threw up in disgust. Why? Because her turn as recovering smackhead Sherry is so extraordinary that it propels Laurie Collyer’s otherwise ordinary junkie movie away from the gutter and up to greater heights. Released from prison our heroin(e) is desperate to look after her kid, but is just a needle’s breadth from slipping. Gyllenhaal is excruciating to watch throughout, teetering on the edge in a performance helped no end by support from real-life ex-addict Danny Trejo, Brad William Henke and Ryan Simpkins (heartbreaking as Sherry’s confused sprog). Relentlessly hard-going, Collyer’s debut missteps by tacking on a hackneyed backstory, but still Gyllenhaal injects something fresh and vital.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 7th 2008

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