Sleeping Dogs


Fido gets fellatio in Bobcat Goldthwait’s sex comedy, a surprisingly sweet-natured affair that’s far from the bad-taste orgy implied by its icky premise. For one thing, we never see the impulsive act of four-legged sword-swallowing that comes back to haunt Melinda Page Hamilton after beau Bryce Johnson insists on learning her grossest secret. Nor does said shame unduly detract from former Police Academy star Goldthwait’s more serious agenda: to show that honesty is not necessarily the best policy when it comes to sustaining a relationship, especially if it involves giving the dog a boner. Shot on the fly for next to nothing, Sleeping Dogs is never quite funny enough to excuse its drab visuals and dodgy sound. Hamilton, though, makes a fetching lead, while Colby French is hilarious as her tweaker brother. 


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