Brian Yuzna is a borderline talent whose directorial debut, Society, should have catapulted him into the horror A-list. That it didn't can be attributed to its off-kilter blend of thriller and surreal erotica, which was never going to sit too well with mainstream audiences in Daddy Bush's America. Likewise, its satirical swipe at the Hollyweird hierarchy assured Yuzna wouldn't be on too many Christmas cards. Former Baywatch boy Billy Warlock plays a teenager who suspects that LA's rich and shameless indulge in bizarre acts of incest, cannibalism and kinky perversions. And he ain't wrong, either - - enter the bizarre orgy meltdown special effects of "Screaming Mad George".

A brave movie that also attacks smug perceptions of the nuclear family, this remains one of the high points of '80s horror.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 1st 2002

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