South Park Season 7


Bad taste, brilliant satire. Extremo super-spoofers Trey Parker and Matt Stone refuse to let up, as the social commentary comes slathered in piss-and-shit gags. No one is safe: Earth is revealed to be a giant sci-fi reality show, handicapped kids Jimmy and Timmy (“Timmy!!”) join the Krips and start a gang war, Cartman’s hand replaces J-Lo as the new Latino sensation and object of B-fleck’s simpering affections… Rob Reiner, homosexuals, the police and Canada get skewered – and there are some great songs about loving Jesus. Ramping up their inventiveness to stay fresh, energised and consistently funny, Parker and Stone hit a high point with ‘Raisins’, in which a pre-pubescent Hooters opens its doors to South Park’s youngsters.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 16th 2008

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