A film based on a dodgy drugs trial might sound topical, perhaps even deep and meaningful, but Special really doesn’t know what it wants to be – broad comedy, sharp satire or poignant drama.

Les (Michael Rapaport) is a parking inspector who pops some pills for cash and develops superhuman powers. Or does he? Levitation, tackling armed robbers in his local 8 ’til late... the goofy numpty even makes himself a costume out of old leather pants and some skateboard pads, blissfully unaware of the damage he’s putting his body through. Initially absorbing and shot with a verve that matches Rapaport’s committed performance, this $1m debut by writer/director team Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore runs out of ideas at the half-way mark. A little messy and plenty muddled, it feels like a 30-minute short that’s been ruthlessly stretched – rather like a pair of Mr Incredible’s lycra pants. 


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 5th 2007

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