Species: Special Edition


Soft-porn '90s sci-fi that noggins up a few sharp themes - - spacemailed DNA, sex-as-death AIDS awareness, puberty crisis - - before bungling them into a derivative horror-thriller.

Busting clear of a gooey cocoon, lanky model Natasha Henstridge debuts as Sil, an alien-human hybrid who's soon out shagging half of LA to death. From here on, it's more splat than story. But quite bafflingly, the cast's a cracker, with Sir Ben Kingsley's grumpy scientist, Michael Madsen's hired killer, Alfred Molina's anthropologist and Forest Whitaker's "empathist" all in on the hunt. Plus, if you get bored waiting to perv-pause Henstridge's hot-tub moments, keep an eye out for Dawson's Creek's Jen, aka Michelle Williams, as little Sil.

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