Spider-Man 2.1


With all the chronic franchise-flogging going on, you’d have thought a Spider-Man movie was out. Sadly, the main additions in this fairly unnecessary eight-minute longer redux version of Spidey 2 are expanded versions of the ‘angsty chatty’ scenes that were already pitched just right in the top-notch original cut. Likewise, the padding out of the hyper trainbound punch-up between Doc Ock and the wallcrawler (the highpoint of this superfranchise), doesn’t really add anything to the movie. The re-jigged train sequence is at the heart of the back-slapping extras here, which include an amiably dull chat-track from producer Laura Ziskin and writer Alvin Sargent. A scene of arch-Spidey hater J Jonah Jameson prancing about his office in a Spider-Man costume, however, is funny enough to twinge you towards your wallet, but owners of the existing two-disc edition shouldn’t sweat too heavily about not owning this one.


Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 23rd 2007

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