St Trinian's Box Set


Sorry School Disco fans, St Trinian’s girls weren’t gymslip nymphos, but rather squat trolls in tunics... Here, in a quartet of vintage films, their foul glory is restored, together with that stirring school-band clank of a title song. The best, The Belles Of..., sees a Sheik’s daughter shipped off to the school for safekeeping while the chain-smoking boarders distil gin and foil the kidnapping of a prize racehorse. In the fun Blue Murder At..., headmistress Miss Fitton (a dragged-up Alastair Sim) has been jailed, leaving the school under Army occupation. One fixed essay-writing competition later and the Upper Sixth are invading the continent. By the so-so Pure Hell Of..., the school has been razed and the more comely girls sent to a harem, while the lurid, full-colour Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery sees the school moved to new premises that hold millions in stolen gold.


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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 13th 2006

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