Star Wars: Clone Wars - Volume Two


The first series of these animated Jedi scraps entertained the kiddies, tantalised the fanboys and deservedly snagged an Emmy. Season Two did it all again but shook up the formula, upping from three-minute shorts to 12-minute mini-movies. And thanks to this development, Star Wars: Clone Wars finally clicks.

The biggest lure is the fights - the action exquisitely rendered, witty and breathless, all drawn-out glares and chop-socky swish. Sadly, when Jedi aren't kicking Separatist-droid arse, the same problems that riddled the prequels arise: Padmé is useless, the dialogue clunks and Anakin's a sulky teenager.

BEST BIT: Yoda and Mace Windu send legions of enemy droids flying using the Force.

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