Stuck On You


Those freaky Farrelly sickos, eh? Gags to make you gag. Who could forget There's Something About Mary's jizz-gel, Dumb And Dumber's howitzer diarrhoea or Kingpin's post-coital vomit? Well, now you're going to have to. Because the latest gross-out from Peter and Bobby isn't actually that gross. In fact, it's one of the warmest chucklers in ages.

Stuck On You straps together Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon as Walt and Bob Tenor, conjoined twins who've made sure their disability never holds either of them back. So when ladies' man Walt (Greg Kinnear) decides to move to Hollywood and try his luck as an actor, nervous Bob (Matt Damon) gets the chance to face up to his fears and romance penpal May (Wen Yann Shih). What follows is an easy stream of edgy one-liners and cosy laughs, the Farrellys stretching their one-joke pitch by soft-pedalling the slapstick in a way that never loses sight of the heart.

And with Damon and Kinnear increasingly loveable as we amble toward the brothers' inevitable separation, Stuck On You coasts alarmingly close to poignancy.

Not a great comedy, but a rare one: slight, sweet and funny. And not a drop of jizz in sight.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 1st 2004

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