Suddenly, Last Summer


Screenwriter Gore Vidal toned down the more lurid excesses of Tennessee Williams' 1958 play, but Joseph L Mankiewicz's black-and-white curio - set in Louisiana, yet shot in London and Spain - is still a heady Gothic cocktail of homosexuality, prostitution and cannibalism. Katharine Hepburn is at her best as the grand Southern dame attempting to make Montgomery Clift's neurosurgeon lobotomise her disturbed niece (Elizabeth Taylor) before she spills the beans about a bizarre family tragedy. But for modern audiences, the most compelling presence is Clift's. Visibly suffering from the car crash that disfigured him three years earlier, he produces an intense performance out of the alcoholic stupor in which he spent much of his tragically brief life.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 1st 2003

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