Sunshine Cleaning


Amy Adams and Emily Blunt clean up their act...

Sadsack sisters Amy Adams and Emily Blunt attempt to reboot their lives by cleaning up carnage-caked crime scenes.

Tonally, narratively, it’s a bit messy.

Still, it’s awash with blue-collar empathy and the performances are polished.

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    • thedazzler73

      Nov 15th 2009, 21:08


      After Loving miss Sunshine i watched this in hope and was not disappointing. Story might be a bit twee but the acting is a treat. Amy Adams does have tendency to make too many Enchanted facial expressions on display but is still more than convincing. The relationship between grandfather are grandson i could have watched for 90 minutes on their own. emily Blunt also brought a lot of feeling to her role as damaged sibling. Hope the Sunshine franchise continues (especially with Mr Arkin on board)

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