Aslan kicks ass in enjoyably reprehensible Euro-thriller.

Wantonly violent, risibly plotted and ideologically suspect, this predictably bombastic Luc Besson production should be a thoroughly hateful piece of work.

So why is it a guilty pleasure par excellence? Probably because we can’t take Liam Neeson’s retired spy seriously as he shoots, stabs and electrocutes his way through Paris’ lowlife.

In search of his kidnapped daughter (Maggie Grace), Neeson treats Albanian hoods and Arabian potentates with the kind of snarling disgust that typifies the Dubya era. He’s like Bourne with a bus pass.

Helmed with vim by Pierre Morel (District 13), this is an absolute hoot whose visceral, no-holds-barred fight and torture scenes - here with additional mayhem cut from the ‘15’-rated cinema release - are brutal enough to make even Jack Bauer flinch.

The contrast between Neeson’s Irish reserve and Morel’s floppy-haired, Gallic cool is hammered home in ‘Le’ Making Of, in which the voice of Narnia’s Aslan smiles gently as he explains why it’s “good to fire guns and and drive cars really fast”.

A short doc on the movie’s French premiere and six shot-by-shot scene breakdowns round out the package.

Neil Smith

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    • noone

      Sep 30th 2012, 11:42

      wth does this movie have to do with "Dubya?" Neeson spends the movie assaulting human traffickers- perhaps the lowest scum on Earth, and you have a problem with that because they are not the right ethnicity? I guess it would be okay if they were Americans? Albanians and Arabs who enslave, rape, prostitute, and kidnap innocent women are deserving of respect and consideration because they are Albanian or Arab and you feel that the Bush administration somehow so horribly wounded the world that even the lowest of lowly scum now deserve to be treated nice? Or you think that kidnapping a girl, drugging her, and selling her into a lifetime of rape and sexual slavery is a justified response against horrible Mr. Bush so the girl's father should just accept that and say "okay, sorry, I know my country is awful and our president deeply offended you. Please enjoy my daughter. I know Albanians and Arabs are really nice people in spite of whomever they decide to rape or kidnap." What is this reviewer on? What a complete and total imbecile.

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