Talk To Her


Love has never been a simple case of `boy meets girl' in Pedro Almodóvar's movies. And while Talk To Her differs from much of the auteur's output in that its two leads are hetero men, it's no exception to that rule at least.

Travel writer Marco (Darío Grandinetti) and nurse Benigno (Javier Cámara) befriend each other through a linked tragedy: they are both in love with comatose women. Both relationships are inherently doomed, yet Almodóvar ensures the movie is ripe with comedy and tenderness, while also maintaining an undercurrent of creepiness.

That said, this isn't in the same class as All About My Mother, the execution being a tad soapy and the dance sequences a test of patience. Not Almodóvar's finest hour then, but an intriguing movie nevertheless.

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