Ted Bundy


One of America's most notorious psychos, it's estimated '70s `campus killer' Ted Bundy dispatched between 12 and 50 women. Yet he was both charming and intelligent - - the exact opposite of your average serial killer. Hell, he even had a girlfriend.

There's plenty of material for a compulsive biopic, and Michael Reilly Burke is on the money as Bundy. But director Matthew Bright opts for visceral thrills, favouring a frenzied attack of technique (zooms, jump cuts, speeded-up footage) and gouts of misplaced humour over psychological insight.

Irresponsible? You bet. Bright's treatment of the material makes him no better than the so-called `entrepreneurs' who sold `Bundy Burgers' at his 1989 execution.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 1st 2003

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