Tenacious D: In The Pick Of Destiny


“Since the beginning of time, twas written in the stones that one day a band will come. Well, that band has come. And now they’re here to come again... in your ear-pussies.”

Say hello to the “aggressively foul-mouthed and deeply self-indulgent” (The Observer) Tenacious D, here making their big screen debut – if you ignore the appalling Pauly Shore flick Bio-Dome – as they continue their quest for global-domination. Formed by roly-poly rawk gods Jack Black and Kyle Gass in the summer of ‘94, the D revelled in an HBO-slot (‘97-2000) and 2001’s billboard-bothering debut album – complete with MTV hit, Tribute – before power-sliding to Hollywood.

A faux-origin story, The Pick Of Destiny tracks young JB as he flees to LA, teams up with metal guru KG and sets about stealing “Satan’s Tooth”, a guitar pick that’ll guarantee the boys fame and fortune. Plot-schmot – it’s only there to link the riotously juvenile, cheerfully crass set-pieces and musical numbers.

Highlights? Black flying with Sasquatch [a cameoing John C Reilly] as he trips on mushrooms, Black evading security-lasers, Entrapment-style, at the Rock and Roll Museum and Black (there’s a theme here...) rocking so hard a punter’s head explodes.

He also dominates the extras, hijacking the perfunctory Making Of and out-bantering Gass on an unremitting yak-track. “Dude, let’s do this in one go,” he advises. “If you have to lay a juicy egg, just do it... we’ll stew in it.”


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 26th 2007

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