That Mitchell & Webb Look Series 1


In TV terms, David Mitchell and Robert Webb have been lucky blighters. Not because their ...Look was a success from the get-go, but because they’ve had four goes at making a hit series. First came Bruiser in 2000, a sketch show that Ricky Gervais wrote for but no one actually watched. Next, 2001’s Mitchell & Webb Situation for Play UK – home to the superior Rock Profile. Then, from 2003, Peep Show, a bitter POV sitcom too dark to draw more than a million viewers. Based on their ...Sound R4 series, ...Look sometimes struggles to recapture the spontaneity of the radio show’s best sketches (the introspective Nazis) and stretches snippets to snapping point (the snooker commentators, Numberwang). But Mitchell and Webb prove affable company when not brooding in that Croydon towerblock and there’s a Fast Show edge to the spiky writing. Plus it’s a hoot to finally see ‘Angel Summoner’ in the flesh… 


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 29th 2007

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