The Animatrix


No doubt about it, Matrix mastergeeks Larry and Andy Wachowski - - and their chosen writers/directors - - have certainly put the effort in here. Their achievement is infuriatingly (if inevitably) mixed: two or three of these Japanimation-flavoured mini-movies live up to the `pioneering' tag, a couple are outright dismal, and the majority fall somewhere in-between.

Most impressive is Final Flight Of The Osiris (why'd you think they cherry-picked it to trailer in cinemas?), a visually immaculate CG accompaniment to Reloaded - - even if the plot is a tad simplistic. Second Renaissance (Part I & Part II) isn't far behind, proving a stylish record of the machines' rise to dominance, and the noir-flavoured A Detective Story makes for fun viewing.

In the middle of the road sit the likes of Beyond (bug-in-Matrix-manifests-as-spook tale), Kid's Story (skateboarding teenager tries to escape the Agents) and World Record (sprinter breaks out of the Matrix). But it's the lesser entries, especially the wants-to-be-trippy Matriculated, in which a sentient robot is reprogrammed, which drag the whole thing down. Shame.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2003

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