The Assassin Next Door


Olga Kurylenko shows her pedigree in this lacklustre gangster drama

The Assassin Next Door review

Why former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko isn’t hoovering up every tough-girl leading role is a mystery: she’s by far the movies’ sexiest gunslinger right now.

And while The Assassin Next Door, with its drab production values and clumsy direction, might not be entirely convincing, its star sure is.

Prostitute Galia (Kurylenko) must turn assassin before she is freed by her gangmasters – but among all the blood and gunplay she forms an intimate friendship with her abused neighbour (Ninette Tayeb).

The two do a Thelma & Louise and plan their escape from oppression, making for an enticing twist on a well-worn set-up.

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