The Beat That My Heart Skipped


Watch this electrifying movie then go straight to the extras to confirm what you've just seen: Romain Duris is a star, his edgy energy, inarticulate rage and smouldering sexuality - silk draped over the barrel of a gun - recalling De Niro's Johnny Boy.

It's there in the rehearsal footage, eyes flicking and script pages snapping as he devours the lines. It's there in the deleted scenes, his combustible charisma ensuring that any celluloid left on the cutting room floor curls and crackles. It's even there in the director and cast Q&A, the actor exuding charm as he discusses key disparities between his character and Harvey Keitel's in the original.


That's right, this is a remake. Or, to be exact, a riff. James Toback's cult 1978 flick Fingers is the inspiration, an excellent movie that's improved on here. The premise is essentially the same, Duris' Tom torn between a life of thuggery and creativity as he seeks to exit the world of low-end Parisian real estate, all rats'n'bats, to pursue a belated career as a concert pianist. Sounds ridiculous but Duris' twitchy turn and Jacques Audiard's fierce, potent, unsentimental direction sell it. Take one look at the serrated visuals or Tom tackling Bach like it's a fetid squatter - crack those knuckles and wade right in - and thoughts of a happy ending evaporate. Highly recommended.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 27th 2006

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