The Bergman Collection


Four more offerings in Tartan's ongoing mission to bring the Nordic master to shiny disc, these films are mostly minor Bergmania, but still deserve attention.

Torment (1944, aka Frenzy) saw Bergman draw on his schooldays to script a story about the victimisation of a sensitive pupil by a sadistic teacher. He directed Port Of Call (1948), a work of poetic realism about the relationship between a young seaman and a suicidal girl, while his first comedy, A Lesson In Love (1954), follows a long-married couple's rocky affairs and recalls the better-known Smiles Of A Summer Night. The Rite (aka The Ritual, 1969), the only mature work in this raft of releases, is searing in its claustrophobic intensity, as three actors are interrogated by a mysterious judge.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 4th 2004

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