The Big Bounce


First Hollywoodised as a 1969 Ryan O'Neal duffer, Elmore Leonard's crime tale gets shipped over to Hawaii so Grosse Pointe Blank director George Armitage can bung in shots of bikinis and wave-riders whenever the action runs out of puff. Which he has to do often in order to cover for screenwriter Stephen Gutierrez, whose ingenuity evaporates even faster than it did when he inked Gothika.

Sure, we've got the usual gaggle of misfits (Morgan Freeman, Vinnie Jones) riffing loose against a plot loaded with double-crosses and deceptions. But as Owen Wilson's grifter beats the temptation to go straight in favour of swindling corrupt developer Gary Sinise, it all floats along far too lazily. More sleepwalk than swagger, the beach-bum pace is guaranteed to kill your interest long before the nonsensical pay-off.

Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 6th 2004

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