The Bounty Hunter


Jen and Gerard's collision course action-com road-movie...

“It was sharp, and on, and hilarious, and edgy,” says Gerard Butler on the unsharp, off, painfully unfunny, bland Making Of. “I thought, ‘I wanna play that guy’.”

What, the charmless bounty hunter who must drive ex-wife Jennifer Aniston to jail, his endless prattle more misogynistic than mischievous? The one who makes that crass cad in The Ugly Truth look like Cary Grant? Okaaayy...

Watchable only for its whooshing locations (country clubs, tattoo parlours, Brooklyn, Atlantic City...) and Jen’s windproof hair, this road- movie action-com hits car-crash territory en route to its signposted destination. Repetitive, swollen, devoid of chemistry...

Oh for the Coens behind the wheel.

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