The Brave One


“I love the idea of a vigilante who’s ashamed of it but doesn’t stop,” drawls Jodie Foster in The Brave One’s backslapping Making Of. Like the movie, it’s a puffed-up little timewaster (basic pitch: this was an exploitation flick, but hey aren’t we clever, we made it into art) that mixes oodles of on-set footage with Foster, director Neil Jordan and producer Joel Silver wittering on about their “elevated, elegant storytelling”. Truth be told, it’s really just an ’80s B-movie tarted up with clever-clogs allusions to DH Lawrence and Emily Dickinson. Foster’s soft-spoken radio host buys a 9mm pistol after scumbags kill her boyfriend and (gasp) steal her dawg. “It’s the kind of film that Don Siegel or Sam Fuller could have made,” blahs Jordan, po-faced. No, it’s the kind of movie that Michael 'Death Wish' Winner used to make, only it packs a smaller arsenal and more pretensions.


Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 11th 2008

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