The Business


"Films like this - they're not for fackin'... Guardian and Independent readers!" says director Nick Love in the commentary. "The kind of people who eat fackin' lentils and white beans."

White beans!? The Business is beans-on-toast Scorsese: the glitz, the geezerdom, the strutting foot-soldiers self-destructing in their little corner of paradise... And any Time Out-browsing buffoon worth their yoghurt sandals ought to clock it as a fun-but-flimsy fable about shell-suited '80s chancer Frankie (a taut and tawdry Danny Dyer), who gambols into the employ of ex-pat Charlie (Tamer Hassan) but bumps up against thrill-killer Sammy (savagely played by Geoff Bell).

The Making Of reveals Dyer and Hassan going so large on the larks it's a wonder they got a film made at all, while Love and Dyer's chummy chat-track is entertainment in itself. We get asides, insights and, best of all, Dyer's astute aside on improv. ("I just burst in and called the geezer a pot-nosed CANT. He took it well, I remember...")

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 30th 2006

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