The Butterfly Effect


An Ashton Kutcher horror-thriller about time travel? Yes, but ditch those first impressions as there's a good dollop of jumpy, jerky shockery here. The plot involves skipping backwards in time to alter reality, so don't be surprised if you feel some déjà vu coming on. But while the narrative is familiar, the atmosphere is one of surprising unease. And if it's a film that's better at raising questions than answering them, the first 40 minutes at least make for passable entertainment.

Fittingly for a movie about rewriting personal history, this Directors' Cut doesn't stop at inserting flabby scenes to expand character and backstory. But there are bigger and more significant changes here - - the biggest of them all is the ditching of the happy ending that had Kutcher fans gurgling merrily away from the multiplexes. This version now wraps up with something a little deeper and a lot darker...

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 13th 2004
  • Starring

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