The Candidate


“Politics is bullshit!” insists this Kennedy-nodding cautionary tale of a slick young election hopeful who, realising he can’t fight fair on the issues, embraces the darker art of spin and soundbite.

Scripter Jeremy Larner won an Oscar for his depressingly prophetic political drama, which sees Robert Redford on sterling form as wannabe senator Bill McKay and a bearded Peter Boyle offering classy support as his spin-doctor sidekick. Yet while the Machiavellian machinations surrounding McKay’s campaign are mostly engrossing, they also seem in need of sexing-up when viewed in our age of dodgy dossiers, backhanders and David Cameron. The pace will certainly feel a bit stately for those used to the staccato rhetoric of The West Wing.



Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 24th 2006

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