The Chris Rock Show Season 1 & 2


“What do you think will happen in the year 2000?” Well... since you ask, Chris, you’ll shoot a ropey rom-com remake called Down To Earth. In retrospect, though, Rock’s first solo cine-vehicle seems no more of a career blip than this late-90s TV foray. Sadly, posterity’s been as kind to The Chris Rock Show as it has Puff Daddy records.

It’s a shame, because somewhere in this sprawling collection lies some of Rock’s bravest, boldest material. Fresh from the success of his (still ace) HBO special (the one with the legendary ‘Niggas Vs Black People’ routine), the show was a shot across the bow of the comic’s former Saturday Night Live paymasters. A mix of topical stand-up, sketches and interviews, it gave him free rein to do and say what he liked. And he did…

“The best stuff you’ll do is going to offend someone,“ Rock says on one of two commentaries here, and he’s certainly on form in the intro sections, scoring outraged hoots – and even boos – off the crowd with gags about Princess Di and the bloody Gangsta Rap feuds. His chats with loonies on the streets of New York – on sex, death, religion, whatever – still pry a smile. There’s even a touch of Michael Moore in some stunts – like an attempt to get a monied white neighbourhood to change its name to ‘Tupac Shakur Boulevard’. But with the mists of time obscuring the targets, the topical skits often skew wide of the mark.


Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 25th 2007

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