The Clearing


Helen Mirren's strained calm and stung dignity makes The Clearing worthwhile. She's a rich housewife whose complacent relationship with hubby Robert Redford is crushed when he disappears. He's been snatched by Willem Dafoe, an embittered everyman whose failed dreams are Bob's nightmare. Frog-marched through woods, Redford must talk his way out of trouble, while his family go nuts with worry. There are the makings of a compelling thriller here, muddled somewhat by first-time director Pieter Jan Brugge, who never conquers the confused timeline or sustains real tension. Redford's Redford (he always looks as though he's remembering, not thinking), Dafoe's Dafoe (a good thing) but it's Mirren who provides more emotion than the material, perhaps, deserves.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 21st 2005

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