The Coast Guard


Few directors walk the line between hysterical intensity and absolute absurdity as deftly as Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk. Oh well, even the most agile filmmakers have off-days... Shot in 2002 between acclaimed outings Bad Guy and Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... And Spring, The Coast Guard’s story of a South Korean grunt (Jang Don-kun) who goes loco after shooting a civilian is ludicrous even by Kim’s standards. Riffing on his favourite theme – silent, damaged characters articulating their frustrations through violence – Kim goes for evocative lyricism and gets hamstrung by poverty-stricken production design (one jeep, some barbed wire and a deserted beach) and a saucer-eyed turn from Jang as the manic marine. The resulting dissection of the effect of violence says less about post-traumatic stress than the average Tom & Jerry cartoon.


Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 7th 2006

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