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Another TV offering from Ridley ‘n’ Tony’s Scott Free production outfit, this three-part mini-series is slicker than their quirky procedural Numb3rs but not nearly as entertaining. Chris O’Donnell plays Yale graduate Jack McCauliffe, the Good Shepherd of the piece. He is recruited by the CIA in 1950 and based in Berlin in 1954, with Control’s Alexandra Maria Lara as his ballerina love interest. It’s here word first emerges of a Soviet mole, tipping the KGB off to the CIA’s every move. The second part covers the 1956 Hungarian uprising and the Bay Of Pigs invasion, while the third leg concludes the search for the mole, whose efforts have undone countless ops across the decades. The production values boast a shiny, Spielbergian authenticity (dissected in a two-part, hour-long Making Of) but O’Donnell’s bland ‘Cruise without the charisma’ act isn’t compelling enough to carry four-and-a-half hours of heavy-going historical drama.


Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 26th 2007

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