The Company Of Wolves (Special Edition)


Sex, wolves, grannies and tales of innocent maids. It might sound like a slow night on the Adult Channel, but 10 years before he tarted up Brad and Cruise to sup the red stuff in Interview With The Vampire, director Neil Jordan was serving up this ghoulish and camp Gothic dish. In his commentary, Jordan reveals that the story is derived from a twist of tales with multiple influences. Primarily, two short stories from Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber collection, with more than a hint of Little Red Riding Hood on the side.

Angela Lansbury is at her jabbermouth best as the wild-eyed granny, lacing symbolism into the narrative with constant warnings to her curious granddaughter (Sarah Patterson) about the hidden dangers of men and wolves. The underlying theme of adolescent sexual awakening is delivered with plenty of verve, but the tone and look has aged badly. Neil Marshall remake, anyone?

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