The Conquest Of Everest


More than five decades on, George Lowe’s Oscar-nommed record of the first mission to top Everest still thrills. Far more so, in fact, than most modern ‘man vs nature’ flicks. From the outset, Conquest thumps home the grim reality – nay, rank insanity – of what was being attempted. The very existence of this doc is a miracle when you consider that the weighty, then-high-tech camera must’ve been a bitch to shift at base camp, never mind at a wheeze-inducing 25,000 feet. It’s also impressively coherent, rather than the padded hotchpotch of blurry footage you might expect from such a perilous feat. (Then again, army bod John Hunt is a leader so psychotically organised you get the impression success was all but assured before they’d even tugged on their wellies.) Most gratifying of all is Lowe’s refusal to focus solely on summit-reacher Edmund Hillary, imbuing this doc with an inspiring sense of team heroics.


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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 9th 2007

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