The Deadly Spawn


Space beasties overrun a small town

Space beasties overrun a small town in a creature feature that’s a home movie in all but FX budget. The gnashing monsters are the stars, but Critters and Bad Taste would have it for breakfast.

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    • GrantB

      Jun 9th 2012, 14:28

      Ah the Deadly Spawn available on DVD at last. This takes me right back to the 'Dole boys video club' days when if you got a tape back to Ritz video you could get out a new tape for free. Bliss. Due to the amount of dreck we ploughed through, we started to pick videos that only had a painting on the cover because even production stills would reveal how bad the film was. Deadly spawn has a place in my kensington-gore-filled latex heart recently warmed by the blackly comic 'Slither' that mixed up Spawn with Society to great effect. I love this film and you will too.

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