The Diary Of Anne Frank


There's a lot to admire in George Stevens' 1959 adaptation of the diaries (well, the stage version of them at any rate) of the Jewish teenager who attempted to hide from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic.

Dread-filled and claustrophobic - very little happens outside the attic crammed with Anne and her family - there's an odd beauty to Stevens' painstaking black-and-white cinematography. There's also real quality bulking up the cast, with Joseph Schildkraut, Shelley Winters and Lou Jacobi delivering especially strong turns.

But there are some serious downsides too, most notably the performance of former model Millie Perkins. She may have the waif-like looks of the young Anne, but her whiny tones and wide-eyed mugging soon irritate. Not what you need when she's on screen for three hours.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 1st 2004

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