The Fisher King


Terry Gilliam may not have had the smoothest of directorial rides (just check out Lost In La Mancha), but he has put together some truly memorable movies. The Fisher King isn't quite up there with Brazil or Twelve Monkeys. But it's still an enchanting New York fairytale, featuring a beguiling turn by Robin Williams before he got annoying.

When a cocky radio DJ (Jeff Bridges) inadvertently causes a massacre, he spirals into guilt-laden moroseness, staggering around the seedier areas of NYC in a blind stupor. It's here that he meets Parry (Williams), a bonkers homeless man on a mission to find the Holy Grail. Together the duo retreat into an imaginary world of dragons and knights, both seeking salvation of different kinds.

Beautiful and moving, The Fisher King is as off-kilter and curiously inspiring as Williams' character.

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