The Fly: Ultimate Collector's Edition


The early cinematic riffs on George Langelaan's original short story, first published in Playboy in 1957, bring little to this enormous box-set in terms of bonus material - but then a feast of features would seem a tad perverse. Kurt Neumann's The Fly (1958) is a film of quaint and simple charm, while Return Of The Fly (1959) looks and feels like a hurried, no-budget cash-in. Similarly, Curse Of The Fly (1965) comes on like an am-dram, sci-fi Nosferatu that didn't quite make it as an episode of The Outer Limits. So far, so diverting, but we're not exactly laying eggs yet...

Predictably, though, this set emerges from the chrysalis with Cronenberg's seminal, tragicomic, stomach-churning 1986 remake and its shit-heap of extras: a wry, fact-laden commentary from the man himself, interactive Making Ofs, deleted scenes with explanations, original screenplay, prop tests...


A shame, then, that Chris Walas' well-intentioned but crushingly bobbins follow-up, The Fly II (1989), ends the marathon on a pronounced limp. There's a decent enough cloud of features engulfing this one, too (an alternate ending is always a nice conversation piece), but, rather fittingly, they're just buzzing hopefully around a big, gently steaming turd.

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