The Flying Scotsman


Unremarkable train-based heist thriller

The Flying Scotsman

This crackly, 57-minute steam-powered “thriller” is notable for being set largely on the famous choo-choo of the same name.

The set-up – something to do with an engineer whose fireman (Ray Milland’s screen debut) is unwittingly courting his daughter – is ludicrously flimsy and the acting classic rabbit/headlights stuff.

But if nothing else it’s a charming demonstration of the era’s terrifyingly nonchalant attitude to ’elf and safety, as actresses in high heels clamber perilously along the outside of the hurtling locomotive inches from death.

Train porn that’s beyond parody.

Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 28th 2011
  • Genre

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