The Fog


"Why did they come back?" asks Selma Blair, baffled by the resurrection of the vengeance-fuelled 19th-century lepers terrorising Oregon courtesy of a killer mist. "Why did anyone bother bringing them back?" is the question you'll ask after this, the latest anaemic horror remake to reach our screens.

Make no mistake - The Fog will have fans of John Carpenter's atmospheric 1980 chiller misty-eyed, alright. Devoid of tension or scares, Rupert Wainwright's vapid vapour trail has the feel of T4 Sunday afternoon fodder, with not even the infusion of CGI fog able to lift the veil of lacklustre mediocrity.


The behind-the-scenes featurettes suggest that the men behind the new Fog all suffered from a severe case of Paul WS Anderson-itis, as they elegantly outline terrific concepts that just don't resonate on screen. Wainwright also delivers audio Nytol in the form of a detailed-but-dull commentary, while seven deleted  cenes provide further value for masochists.

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