The Forbidden Kingdom


Silly, juvenile and formulaic to anyone but the young

Chop-socky fans have waited an age to see Jackie Chan and Jet Li share the screen. They’ll have to wait a bit longer, alas, for a movie worthy of their talents because Rob Minkoff’s fantasy sure ain’t it.

A calculated attempt to produce an East-West crossover, it only finds space for one Jackie-Jet dust-up and even that’s a letdown, ending as it does in an egoplacating draw.

Instead, its focus falls on Michael Angarano’s annoying hero, a Boston teen magically transported to ancient China who finds his inner Karate
Kid and battles self-esteem issues.

Youngsters will forgive the mangled plot and average effects; but anyone older will find it silly, juvenile and formulaic. Out on DVD and Blu-ray, this includes a commentary from Minkoff and writer John Fusco, six featurettes, a blooper reel and deleted scenes.

Neil Smith

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