The Full Monty (2 disc)


Okay, so perhaps it didn't have the best long-term effect on the British film biz. Producers in search of a hit in the late '90s were greenlighting urban industrial working- class comedies as if they were going out of style (and they were, folks). Even post-Bend It Like Beckham we still get at least one film a year lazily touted as "The New Full Monty". However, none of that's really the fault of Peter Cattaneo's original movie. He just set out to make something sweet, clever and very, very funny. And he succeeded.

With actor Mark Addy (who played Dave) occasionally chipping in, the commentary from Cattaneo is a nifty mix of affectionate anecdote and filmmaking explanation. It's difficult not to find yourself liking a man who explains he didn't do the full-frontal shots that the original script called for because "bums are funny but bollocks are biological."

The Full Monty is still a hugely potent gag machine even after a decade of cheap imitations. The unemployed Sheffield lads out to gain some cash and regain their manhood by training themselves up as strippers are so neatly, believably and affectionately drawn that you're irresistibly drawn into their world.

Back-slaps to Cattaneo and co, then, but shame about the no-shows from the rest of the cast. The period on-set interviews aside, the only other one who crops up briefly is Tom Wilkinson on the annoyingly split-up Making Of doc. Anyone would have been better than snippets of a lingo prof explaining the Brit slang the US studio wanted changed or the turgid doc about the '90s UK film industry.

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