The Girl Next Door


It's every guy's wet dream: the hottie who's moved in next door is actually an ex-porn star. It's time for boys to drop their socks and grab their cocks, then - especially if you're nerdy Matt (Emile Hirsch), the star of Luke Greenfield's high-school-flick-cum-sex-comedy.

24's Elisha Cuthbert is oh-so-mmm as starlet Danielle, but it's Timothy Olyphant who's standout as the former pimp who wants her back on screen. Girl works well as a modern-day riff on robo-sexpot fave Weird Science. As a ham-fisted leer at the pornography industry, however, it leaves a bad taste. Ahem.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 9th 2004

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