The Hangover: Part II


More sozzle, less sizzle

"It happened again,” moans a wrecked Bradley Cooper. “But this time we really fucked up.” A bit harsh, maybe. Yet this follow-up does feel a lot like the morning after the night before. Swapping Vegas for Bangkok, missing teeth for tattoos and tigers for monkeys, the original script gets a Tippex job for a hit-and-miss  rehash of the same gags.

Another wedding, another bachelor party, another round of roofies and another forgotten night of debauchery leave The Wolfpack with just a few hours to try and piece together their night, find their missing friend and make it to the altar in time.

Reuniting Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha and Zach Galifianakis, the shift to the Thai capital ups the stakes in terms of depravity (the filmmakers make it look as scuzzy as possible). Otherwise, it’s largely business as usual, as Stu (Helms) has a quiet pre-wedding drink then wakes up to a severed finger instead of a future brother-in-law.

A chain-smoking capuchin, a burned-out strip club and everyone’s favourite naked Korean gangster (Ken Jeong) all earn their share of the chuckles, but as before it’s Galifianakis’ off-kilter man-child who waddles away with the film. His performance goes some way to disguise HII’s lack of novelty, but Todd Phillips and co will really fuck up if they don’t find fresh ideas for Part III .

Blu-ray offers on-location featurette action; DVD only coughs up a gag reel.

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