The Haunting In Conneticut


An old wreck gets renovated in this Amityville retread...

You’ve heard of property porn. What about housing horror?

The haunted house movie is the genre’s answer to Changing Rooms – every couple of years someone else tries to tart up the old wreck with a lick of paint.

After the Amityville Horror remake comes this based-on-a-true story ghost tale in which an over-mortgaged Everyfamily move into a fixer upper and discover its period features include ectoplasm-dripping ghouls.

Newbie director Peter Cornwell joins the dots between the clichés: shadows in mirrors, an eldest kid (Kyle Gallner) undergoing experimental cancer treatment (side effect: you may see dead people) and a title deed history that reveals that the clapboard house used to be a funeral home with a backroom sideline in séances.

“It’s just a house: bricks, nails and wood,” reckons dad (ex-Hal Hartley regular Martin Donovan), while mom (Virginia Madsen) contorts her face into a perma-grimace that suggests she’s either self-medicating or sniffing too many paint fumes.

Like all haunted house movies, this is more about the family than the building itself, a failing marriage and a teenager’s sense of his own mortality (nicely played by Gallner) capturing the mundane horror of a family in flux.

Despite its multiplex pitch, it promises edgy unease – washed-out, metallic-grey cinematography turning the New England landscapes into a perpetual autumn – then abandons it all in favour of ludicrous boo-jump shocks (demonic shower curtain, anyone?).

Maybe it’s time to foreclose on this subprime strand of haunted house horror.

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    • Dominc

      Jul 23rd 2009, 21:08


      A every good but jumpy film. They say its based on a true story but dont know if thats true some boy gets cancer and does not have long to life than all of a sudden after burning down his house hes all better yeh cause that happens. GOOD FILM LONE.

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