The Hills Have Eyes Part 2


The hills may still have eyes but they're pretty vacant in Wes Craven's lazy 1985 follow-up to his original cult shocker. Don't worry if you need reminding of the first outing - it's flashbacks-a-go-go during the first half, before a desert detour fires the starter pistol on another teen carve-up.

There's some family business to resolve between Pluto (Michael Berryman) and cannibal-clan escapee Ruby (Janus Blythe), but the real focus here is bland, blind heroine Cass (Tamara Stafford), whose remaining senses seem on a par with Daredevil's. Best bit is the scene where she's groping her way through the mutants' charnel house, but the rest's all half-baked hack-and-slashery, the fake scares hard to distinguish from the real ones.

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