The Honeymooners


It's a pretty nifty screwball comedy set-up. A man jilted at the altar and a woman trying to ditch her married lover are thrown together in a small cottage in rural Ireland. They start off hating each other and... Well, you can probably work out the rest. The surprises that make Karl Golden's lo-fi rom-com tick are less to do with plot, more to do with tone.

Shaky handheld camerawork and an almost complete lack of incidental music makes this play less like a glossy crowd-pleaser and more like a twitchy reality TV show. The understated performances from Jonathan Byrne and Alex Reid add to the sense of watching something gentler than your standard Hollywood fare. It's a small movie, but the big finish works all the better for it.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 25th 2004

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