The Host


Next time a pampered Hollywood starlet blathers on about the horrors of their location shoot, spare a thought for the poor buggers who made The Host. Filmed in a real Korean sewer, the smell and the dead animals were the least of their worries. “There were blood-sucking tapeworms,” confesses the producer in the Memories Of The Sewer doc. “We were most afraid of this worm that burrows into your body, lays eggs and then the larvae spreads inside you...”

But there’s a grand camaraderie among the cast and crew of Boon Joon-ho’s sometimes darkly comic, bittersweet, tragic monster movie about a family’s attempts to rescue a little girl from a mutant creature that rises from the depths of a Korean river. But then, having spent quite so much time together, soaked to the skin scurrying around under bridges and through tunnels (the docs make it clear how little was filmed in a studio), you’re going to have plenty to bond over.

The ton of featurettes on the second disc (more than 20, including deleted scenes, stills galleries and Making Ofs, ranging from four minutes to more than 15) are only slightly unbalanced by the fact that too much time is spent delving into the creation of the film’s slightly cartoony CG monster. There’s still a good number of affectionate, story- filled interviews with the rather bubbly and open cast and crew though. They’re probably just relieved that they don’t have to spend anymore time with the floaters and bloaters down the sewer. Still, from the gutter, to the stars...


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 5th 2007

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